My tool bar in my email is not working...PS

David M. Pelly david.pelly at
Sun Jun 24 11:31:43 UTC 2012

It works in a new letter,

but it does not work in a letter than I am replying to.

It does not work while I am interspersing a reply.


From: david.pelly at
To: ubuntu-ca at
Subject: My tool bar in my email is not working...
Date: Sun, 24 Jun 2012 06:59:09 -0400

My tool bar in Hotmail is not working from Ubuntu.

It works from Windows.

By tool bar I mean the bar with the fonts and sizes, underline, font color, etc.

Only "bold" works.

I can't change font size, or change color, or underline.

How do I fix that?




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