two questions

Tom Daly tom_d at
Sat Feb 11 20:08:47 UTC 2012

new install of Kub 11.10

system settings > display tells me I've got 640/480, 848/480, 800/600 
and 1024/768 resolutions available.  HP monitor wants 1280/1024

where can I add in the additional values / is there an x-command that 
will query/identify monitor and give it to me ???

k3b that came with (Version 2.0.2, Using KDE Development Platform 4.7.4)

I get this message
"Extra packages can be installed to enhance functionality for K3B"
there are various google references to same, but none say what to do, or 
what 'enhanced functionality' these mystery 'extra packages' will 
provide.  I'm not a power user by any stretch, but it would be nice to 
burn mp3's to cd (the only function I've noticed isn't there anymore)

any help most appreciated
Tom in NS

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