fixed, no thanks to HP

Alex Gabriel alexgabriel at
Mon Feb 6 18:11:31 UTC 2012

Was the system sold to you with Ubuntu installed?  If not, then you're
on your own.  HP is under no obligation to provide assistance with
operating systems/additional software not provided as part of their
installation process.

If you are able to reproduce the problem using both Linux and Windows,
then it's a hardware issue.  If the behaviour cannot be reproduced,
then it is a software issue.  See above comment regarding unsupported

FYI, I'm not an employee of any computer manufacturer, but I
understand their point of view, as I work in Technical Support myself.

Alex Gabriel

On 29 January 2012 18:11, Ralph Pichie <thevillagegeek at> wrote:
> I managed to get a gui running again by switching the display manager
> from gdm to kdm. I'll have to call HP and get through to somebody
> competent about the hardware problem.
> HP tech support was entirely clueless, insisting I should use their
> recovery tool to restore the original configuration, and that I could
> get all my files, even the ones in my encrypted /home on a Linux
> partition, from my 'C' drive....

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