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Yeah, i've had issues with them before too. Unfortunately, my other choice
here is Rogers, and I'm not going back to them. Believe it or not, a year
later, they're still calling.

Not sure what you have in that area, but I'd bet the local techie-types do

On Wed, Dec 19, 2012 at 2:51 PM, Geekus Villagius
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> Bell, for me usually starts with the letter h, but I'll take a look. I'm
> also looking at a regional outfit called Platinum Communications, or just
> going with Telus bundled to my landlord's account (not my first choice).
> I'm looking for a decent ISP here in Calgary. The residential situation has
>> changed, and I need to get my own service in my little abode. Shaw cable
>> hasn't provided a usable service here since before I arrived, and the
>> Telus
>> DSL another had was closed last month.
>> I do have a cable connection to the landlord's Shaw account, but they have
>> no Internet. I have a separate phone apparatus but do not have a land
>> line.
>> After much wasted time, I just learned that TekSavvy is not an option in
>> this area. I have a Wind account, but that is presently throttled. With
>> four computers (running Mint, Ubuntu, Android) I can't rely on 3G with a 5
>> gb limit.
>> Any suggestions?
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>> Bell fibre?
>> Install is usually free, if it's available in the area.
>> Packages are comparable in price to the other big guy, speeds are
>> better(here at least, Rogers hasnt managed 50Mb yet),
>> No cap, no throttling.
>> I've been averaging 100GB/month since they installed last year; torrents,
>> VPNs, etc...all the stuff they usually hate.
>> http://www.bell.ca/Bell_Internet/Internet_access
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