help with ISP selection in Calgary

Geekus Villagius thevillagegeek at
Wed Dec 19 01:23:39 UTC 2012

I'm looking for a decent ISP here in Calgary. The residential situation has
changed, and I need to get my own service in my little abode. Shaw cable
hasn't provided a usable service here since before I arrived, and the Telus
DSL another had was closed last month.

I do have a cable connection to the landlord's Shaw account, but they have
no Internet. I have a separate phone apparatus but do not have a land line.
After much wasted time, I just learned that TekSavvy is not an option in
this area. I have a Wind account, but that is presently throttled. With
four computers (running Mint, Ubuntu, Android) I can't rely on 3G with a 5
gb limit.

Any suggestions?
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