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In that reply on Ubuntu Forums, rthawkcom writes
> Re: Thunderbird cannot locate mail spool file - Gmail That's because
> by default Thunderbird interfaces to the local Movemail server
> instead of connecting to an external server like you and the rest of
> the planet wants. When Thunderbird is first run, it NEVER offers you
> the chance to interface to an external mail server.

I've never experienced that.  Whenever I create a new mail account,
whether on a new install of Thunderbird or as an additional account in
an existing installation, I'm always guided through the account setup

However, on new install there's also the prompt for using the computer's
local mail spooler, requiring that Sendmail or PostFix is also running.
Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a way to switch an account from
"Mail spooler" to IMAP or POP and SMTP, so the advice of deleting and
re-creating the account seems to be the only remedy.


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> Hi, I set up Thunderbird on this computer and every time I open it I get "
> unable to locate mail spool file " What does this mean? and how do I
> rectify the situation ? I wish there was also a pointer as to how to fix
> it.  Thanks

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