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Thanks Mark, I will try that. In checking the software centre I've seen 2 apps for administering samba but your direction seems simpler. I was puzzled that OSX would see shared files and folders without trouble yet 12.04 wouldn't ! 

It seems that some windows features are default standards, where I had hoped there was a simple, native linux/unix way to do this ! 


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Here is my tried and true method for connecting an Ubuntu box to the
Windows network - just used it again last night on a new 12.04

1. On Ubuntu box install samba (sudo apt-get install samba)

2. From the terminal edit nsswitch.conf as root (sudo
gedit /etc/nsswitch.conf) as follows: 
a. hosts: file wins dns

3. Now edit smb.conf (sudo gedit /etc/samba/smb.conf) as follows: 
a. workgroup = [YOUR WORKGROUP]
b. netbios name = [THE NAME OF YOUR UBUNTU PC / LAPTOP]
c. name resolve order = lmhosts winds bcast host
d. wins support = yes

4. Reboot. You can use a samba restart but I find things work a lot
better with a full reboot.

5. Open Nautilus or the Samba configuration utility and set up your
shares. I find most of the explanations on the net too wordy and
detailed and usually one step out of place will fubar the whole thing
and you have to start all over.

Hope this helps out.

On Sun, 2012-08-12 at 09:51 -0400, gord campbell wrote:
> Last week I got the "failed to retrieve share list" message for the
> first time in years. I was too busy to try to figure it out.
> The next day, file sharing worked perfectly. I made no changes. Both
> computers had been powered down and back up in the interim.
> And yes, you need Samba or NFS, and Samba is the default. I think I have
> read that NFS is more difficult to set up, and generally provides higher
> performance.
> (I test a new version or distro about once a month, and always test
> setting up a shared folder, and sharing a folder from another computer.
> I never edit a configuration file or use the Terminal, and it always
> just works. Except for one time last week....)
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> > I now have 3 12.04 pcs' on my network and each will list the other network names when 'Browsing the Network' . When the macbook was OSX it could access shared shared folders and files with all the rights I enabled. 
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> > When in Linux however the browser reports 'Failed to retrieve share list from server'. This is consistent weather I try the named pc directly or through the 'Windows network' .? Samba installs as usual I think but if going linux to linux do I need Samba ?? Is there a server app I still need to install ?
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