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Sun Aug 12 13:51:35 UTC 2012

Last week I got the "failed to retrieve share list" message for the
first time in years. I was too busy to try to figure it out.

The next day, file sharing worked perfectly. I made no changes. Both
computers had been powered down and back up in the interim.

And yes, you need Samba or NFS, and Samba is the default. I think I have
read that NFS is more difficult to set up, and generally provides higher

(I test a new version or distro about once a month, and always test
setting up a shared folder, and sharing a folder from another computer.
I never edit a configuration file or use the Terminal, and it always
just works. Except for one time last week....)

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> I now have 3 12.04 pcs' on my network and each will list the other network names when 'Browsing the Network' . When the macbook was OSX it could access shared shared folders and files with all the rights I enabled. 
> When in Linux however the browser reports 'Failed to retrieve share list from server'. This is consistent weather I try the named pc directly or through the 'Windows network' .? Samba installs as usual I think but if going linux to linux do I need Samba ?? Is there a server app I still need to install ?
> Bill
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