Unavoidable Date Change for Toronto Precise Pangolin Release Party!!

Michael Kaulbach geniibuntu at gmail.com
Fri Apr 13 15:11:59 UTC 2012

Hello all, apologies for the short notice but I just found this out
yesterday !

I had booked the venue on Thursday the 26th for the Toronto release party a
while ago ( before Christmas ), but the owner at Alios forgot and is now
Since the other event is for a very large group that is paying well, he
needs it more and we got bumped.
The soonest day after I could get was Saturday the 28th which also
coincides with the Waterloo release party.
I have made the date change on the loco page and also am of course updating
everyone on this mailing list.
If Kimberly Crawley ( who had already reserved for the Thursday with a
guest ) possibly reads this please take note of the change !!

Michael Kaulbach

*"..we are dwarfs astride the shoulders of giants. We master their wisdom
and move beyond it. Due to their wisdom we grow wise and are able to say
all that we say, but not because we are greater than they.*" Isaiah di
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