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Wed Sep 28 11:47:06 UTC 2011

On Tue, Sep 27, 2011 at 7:05 PM, David Vincent
<dvincent at> wrote:
> What would it really take? Probably a small Linux utility to generate the
> right keys and then a BIOS utility to import them off a USB drive, much like
> my ASUS motherboard BIOS reads BIOS updates.
> I'm not too worried at this point.

  This is the same conversation we've been having for decades.
Trusted computing is a great thing for protecting our security if we
(the owners of the computer) manage the keys.  It is something that
should be made clearly illegal if we (the owners) are disallowed to
manage the keys.

  It isn't the technology itself that is good or bad, nor is what
Microsoft is doing good or bad for us.   The issue in my mind is how
governments protect our property rights.

  Given this is a property rights issue, it is something that should
have clear legislation at the provincial level (where our constitution
sets jurisdiction).   We have elections happening in a number of
provinces now -- good time to write letters to candidates asking for
their opinions?

> I could see this as an option businesses would pay for.

  If the owner manages the keys, this is an option I would pay extra
for on my own computers.

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