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Tue Sep 27 22:49:19 UTC 2011

The day I cannot load a Linux or any OS of "My choice" I will blame
Microsoft, they have a long history of dirty tricks and manipulation.
I did not ask for their protection.
And I very strongly object to Microsoft having "any" control of anything
I believe strongly in Freedom, not dictators.
No one will be able to change my opinion about Microsoft.
My 2 cents.


On Tue, Sep 27, 2011 at 3:58 PM, Stephen M. Webb <stephen at> wrote:

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> On 09/27/2011 03:36 PM, Deryl R. Doucette wrote:
> > Microsoft sits on the UEFI board. Please. Like Microsoft doesn't know
> that A) its own keys WILL be preloaded thus making sure Windows is a
> *definite* installable choice, and that B) it directly impacts, through
> its sheer buying power and OEM programs, what OSs and configurations
> will be default available. We're not even going to mention that
> Microsoft has *already* been pushing on OEM and other system
> manufacturers to enable SecureBoot *by default* and to NOT include
> options for A) Adding additional signing keys, and B) disabling
> SecureBoot on prebuilt PCs regardless of whether they are being sold
> through Microsoft OEM / Manufacturer channels.
> Certainly, Microsoft sits on the UEFI board.  Why would they not, and
> why should they not?
> Microsoft does not have to insist that their keys be made available in
> Secure Boot.  All OEMs wil have their ODMs burn Microsoft keys into
> the Secure Boot ROM so that they can move product at minuscule margins.
> It is not Microsoft's business to make sure an ODM burns someone
> else's keys into their product, it is Microsoft's business to make
> sure the OEM or brand company purchases Windows licenses each time the
> Microsoft keys are burned into silicon.  That's where their
> responsibility ends.
> It might be in the interest of the OEM or brand company to insist the
> ODM conform to the UEFI spec by providing a means to disable Secure
> Boot so that other OSes can be booted.  It is in the interest of the
> people (which in Canada means the government, which acts on behalf of
> the people in theory) to make sure that happens, otherwise there is
> apparent collusion to monopolize the marketplace.  I am skeptical that
> at least the current government is interested in preserving freedoms.
> > That tells me that Microsoft is trying to co-opt a technology designed
> for ALL machines for their OWN agenda. Business logic or not, thats
> another strike against Microsoft.
> I can not agree.  I see Microsoft benefiting from this technology, as
> will many users.  I do not see them taking any sort of active role to
> quash the (virtually non-existent) competition.  It is also not in
> their interest to take any sort of active role in providing for their
> competition, either.  If anyone is at fault, blame the crappy ODM
> implementations and the nefarious criminals making a solution like
> Secure Boot necessary.
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