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Microsoft sits on the UEFI board. Please. Like Microsoft doesn't know that A) its own keys WILL be preloaded thus making sure Windows is a *definite* installable choice, and that B) it directly impacts, through its sheer buying power and OEM programs, what OSs and configurations will be default available. We're not even going to mention that Microsoft has *already* been pushing on OEM and other system manufacturers to enable SecureBoot *by default* and to NOT include options for A) Adding additional signing keys, and B) disabling SecureBoot on prebuilt PCs regardless of whether they are being sold through Microsoft OEM / Manufacturer channels.

That tells me that Microsoft is trying to co-opt a technology designed for ALL machines for their OWN agenda. Business logic or not, thats another strike against Microsoft.

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On 2011-09-27, at 3:08 PM, Malcolm O'Brien wrote:

>> Microsoft has NOT responded to the worry that other OSs will become uninstallable on SecureBoot machines.
> Not according to The Register. I can't believe it's me posting this.
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