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On 09/12/2011 09:50 AM, alexgabriel at dimensiadesign.com wrote:
> I'm not sure that a terminal at Canadian Tire would be configured to
use Ubuntu. I was in a CT yesterday and they all seem to have their own
proprietary inventory systems.
> Alex Gabriel
As far as I know, Canadian Tire has been using an IBM mainframe-based
inventory control system (probably an AS/400) for the past few decades
and continues to use that system currently.

At first, the stores had true blue IBM 3270 terminals but over the
decades they've gradually been replaced by PCs running 3270
emulators.  I imagine in the interest of reducing licensing costs (a
Windows license is awfully expensive to just run a dedicated dumb
terminal app) many stores are replacing their current crop with
Linux.  Since the computer is nothing but a thin client connected to a
mainframe (which is what we used to call cloud computing before it was
rediscovered under a different name) it doesn't much matter what the
OS is.

I don't see any advantage of the Corporation changing to a different
inventory system if the current one works and works well.  Reducing
unnecessary software licensing costs, however, would be in their interest.

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