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On 09/11/2011 06:23 PM, Doug Stewart wrote:
> I am trying to learn how to watch a usb port with a terminal.
> I an using Ubuntu 10.04
> I have a little micro controller board (mbed nxp lpc1768) and it has
> a usb port on it for data transmission to a PC.
> The usb driver for the PC end is said to be already in the linux kernal
> What I need to know is:
> how to look and see what usb ports are in use'
> and what drivers a connected to what usb ports.
Well, there's really only 1 USB driver that connects to a port.  The
usual tools to start with is 'lsusb' (from the usbutils package), and
maybe dmesg.

I've never actually used USB directly for comms with an embedded
device:  almost always the device has a serial port for comms and the
USB for input to the device.  I can drive a serial line with a USB
adaptor:  minicom just knowns which port to use.

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