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Phil Woodland phil.woodland at gmail.com
Tue Nov 29 19:00:28 UTC 2011

Ok.... that's enough

The list was fun while it lasted.


On 11-11-29 01:57 PM, Robert Moreau wrote:
> *I just opened a savings account with ING and they are depositing a 
> bonus of $50 to every account opened before xmass with a min $100 
> check.  They gave me a referral code **"/Orange Key 38998138S1/**" 
> where I can receive a referral bonus.  The savings account  interest 
> rate is at 1.5% on the entire balance, including the first $5000, no 
> fees.
> It's a good deal.  You can call them and do it over the phone.  Please 
> submit my Orange Key # so I can receive my referral bonus also.
> Merry Xmass to all!!!
> *
> *Message: *
> Robert Moreau is an ING DIRECT Canada Saver and wants you to become 
> one too. When you open an Account with a minimum balance of $100, 
> we'll start you off with a $50 bonus!
> *All you have to do is enter Robert Moreau's Orange Key 38998138S1 and 
> you're set to save. *
> Visit ingdirect.ca <http://ingdirect.ca> to save your money today.

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