Today is Ubuntu Community Appreciation Day

Bob Jonkman bjonkman at
Sun Nov 20 20:22:11 UTC 2011

Hi all:  Today is Ubuntu Community Appreciation Day, The First!  It's an 
opportunity to thank someone for their contributions to the Ubuntu 
community.  UCADay is an idea of Ahmed Shams, from the Egypt LoCo.  So, 
I'd like to thank Ahmed for setting it up.

Ahmed has collected a few of the thankyous on the group, 

I'd also like to thank our Glorious Leaders of Ubuntu-ca, Darcy 
Casselman, Ralph Janke and Corey Burger.  Thanx for creating our 
community, and the work you've done in creating physical get-togethers 
like Release Parties, Global Jams, and Ubuntu Hours.

Got someone to thank?  You can do it on this list, on or 
Twitter, your blog, IRC, or anywhere Ubuntu folk hang out.


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