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Chris candive1 at
Thu Nov 3 16:58:39 UTC 2011

Hi all,
I am on the Ubuntu Canada list.
I would like us to join in the effort to bring Linux to the public
attention in our area, more than we have been doing with Stars.
I will bring my Digital Camera to the next meeting if there are no

Also where in Owen Sound can I get Custom "Powered by Linux" stickers
made?, Big Ones!, will check Staples.
I want to put one on both my Car and Laptop lid.

This message from Darcy as follows...........

* "I have a shiny box of Ubuntu 11.10 CDs.

If you host an Ubuntu Hour ( or similar
meet-up in your town, take pictures and post them on this list (or
your blog and link them here), I will mail you, at my expense, ten
(10) CDs, along with stickers, buttons and anything else I feel like
throwing in there.  It would be nice if you let us know before hand
and posted details on the LoCo directory

You have till the end of November.




Linux! The Freedom to Choose.
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