On Local Teams

Randall Ross randall at executiv.es
Wed Nov 2 14:43:53 UTC 2011


Recently there has been discussion about breaking country teams into 
smaller ones, e.g. by state or province.

While in theory this might seem like a rational move, we should ask 
ourselves "What problem are we trying to solve?"

One of the barriers to the formation of Ubuntu Local Communities (in the 
truly local sense) is that people perceive that there is a formal and 
defined organization at a national level and therefore generally don't 
feel empowered or compelled to start something locally. Lest you think 
this is a unique Canadian issue, the USA is organized at a state level 
and the same situation exists.

So, should we "break" Ubuntu Canada into provincial teams? No. This will 
not create more active, vibrant Local Communities. This *will* add 
another artificial construct though, with little value.

What should we do then? Easy: Focus our energies on building strong 
local communities in our towns and cities.

If you are reading this list and have aspirations to build a real 
community, gather some Ubuntu users and enthusiasts in your town and 
build a LoCo. Then, make it grow. We will not spread Ubuntu by chatting 
in IRC channels. We will not spread Ubuntu by creating more "tumbleweed 
teams." We *will* spread Ubuntu block by block, neighbourhood by 
neighbourhood, town by town, city by city.

Toronto? Kitchener? Montreal? Calgary? Edmonton? Regina? Saskatoon? 
Winnipeg? Ottawa? Quebec City? Fredericton? Halifax? St. Johns? Moncton? 
...   Let's get rolling!

Ubuntu <insert-your-city-here> LoCo.

Ubuntu Vancouver Buzz Generator.

 > gord campbell <gordc2005 at velcom.ca> wrote:
 >> > Yup! ?I would love to get involved with a Toronto or GTA LUG, but 
 >> > really care about national or provincial groups.

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