New User support

Leigh Honeywell leigh at
Thu Jun 16 14:35:06 UTC 2011

On 11-06-15 02:46 PM, Daniel Villarreal wrote:
> It's not like they have to delete MS Windows off of their hard drive.
> Let them know that they can try out GNU/Linux from a CD/DVD-ROM, and
> they just need to set up the computer to boot from CD/DVD-ROM. If they
> like what they see, they can do virtualization. Let them know that they
> have nothing to be afraid of. For a lot of people, touching the hard
> drive is a scary proposition. Tell people to get a testing computer. The
> price is right for the software.

These days I think it's much better to recommend Wubi over a liveCD if 
they have more than a passing interest.  The performance difference is 
night and day :)


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