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It's not like they have to delete MS Windows off of their hard drive. Let
them know that they can try out GNU/Linux from a CD/DVD-ROM, and they just
need to set up the computer to boot from CD/DVD-ROM. If they like what they
see, they can do virtualization. Let them know that they have nothing to be
afraid of. For a lot of people, touching the hard drive is a scary
proposition. Tell people to get a testing computer. The price is right for
the software.


On Wed, Jun 15, 2011 at 10:07 AM, Duffields <dhltd at> wrote:

> I have been offering free installation (and support) of Ubuntu to friends
> for several years. Though several have availed themselves of the offer,
> others are concerned about "What happens if you are not around to help me
> when I have a problem?  I can get help for MS Windows everywhere."
> I really do not have an answer for them because, if they have a serious
> problem, the forums are not available to them and most new, non-technically
> minded users will not avail themselves of forums anyway.
> Since I rarely encounter people here on Vancouver Island that have even
> heard of Ubuntu, let alone Linux, I am wondering if there are any Ubuntu
> users located in Greater Victoria who would be interested in forming a
> local Ubuntu Users Support Group.
> Better availability of "hands-on" assistance is, I think, one of the keys
> to more widespread acceptance of Ubuntu in the community.  Perhaps small
> clusters of helping hands would be a good start.
> Or am I too idealistic when I expect "average" people to embrace Linux
> through Ubuntu?
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