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William Hetherington william.hetherington at
Wed Jun 15 17:38:54 UTC 2011

On Wed, Jun 15, 2011 at 7:52 AM, Darcy Casselman <dscassel at> wrote:
> Hi Mac,
> Getting new users the support they need is a challenge, but there are
> definitely options.
> The forums are great, but they don't work for everyone.
> There's also IRC.  #ubuntu on is great for technical
> support if you can keep up.  #ubuntu-beginners is also there to
> support new users.
> is a fantastic resource for getting questions
> answered, and it's (IMHO) easier to find the right answer their than
> on the forums.
> There's this mailing list!  We're happy to support new users across
> Canada.  There are some great technical support people who follow this
> list.
> The Ubuntu Beginners Team has a bunch of resources:
> If your goal is help new users
> get into Ubuntu, I'd definitely encourage you to join and get involved
> with them.
> And, you're absolutely right: building a local community around Ubuntu
> is the best way to provide support.  Starting an Ubuntu Victoria group
> can be as easy as getting the word out, and setting up a regular
> meetup in a coffee shop and seeing who shows up.  The more technically
> minded people you get on board, the more you'll be able to spread the
> load.  Hold a regular Ubuntu hour and encourage people to come by with
> their issues, or just meet more people who can help, so they can put a
> face to a name.    Start a Facebook group or Twitter feed or Google
> Group and encourage users to join and ask questions there.  Whatever
> they're comfortable with.
> The former contact for Ubuntu Canada and co-author of The Official
> Ubuntu Book, Corey Burger and his brother Brian are in Victoria.
> Corey's moved on to other things, but they may be able to give you
> advice if you can track them down.  And you're a bus-and-ferry ride
> away from possibly the biggest Ubuntu group in Canada: Ubuntu
> Vancouver:  I'd encourage you
> to talk with Randall Ross, their fearless leader, at
> randall at to see if there's any help or advice they can give
> to get you started.
> There are people out there who can help.  They just need someone who's
> willing to take the initiative to organize and mobilize them.  And
> we're here to provide what help we can from various points across the
> country.
> I wish you success. :)
> Darcy.
> On Wed, Jun 15, 2011 at 10:07 AM, Duffields <dhltd at> wrote:
>> I have been offering free installation (and support) of Ubuntu to friends
>> for several years. Though several have availed themselves of the offer,
>> others are concerned about "What happens if you are not around to help me
>> when I have a problem?  I can get help for MS Windows everywhere."
>> I really do not have an answer for them because, if they have a serious
>> problem, the forums are not available to them and most new, non-technically
>> minded users will not avail themselves of forums anyway.
>> Since I rarely encounter people here on Vancouver Island that have even
>> heard of Ubuntu, let alone Linux, I am wondering if there are any Ubuntu
>> users located in Greater Victoria who would be interested in forming a
>> local Ubuntu Users Support Group.
>> Better availability of "hands-on" assistance is, I think, one of the keys
>> to more widespread acceptance of Ubuntu in the community.  Perhaps small
>> clusters of helping hands would be a good start.
>> Or am I too idealistic when I expect "average" people to embrace Linux
>> through Ubuntu?
>> Mac
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Hi Mac,

It would probably be worth your time contacting the folks over at :)

I would love to offer to help, but first baby due in a month - and
work just exploding - I don't have the time this year! :)

If you do manage to get something going here - I'd love to know the
detail and would try to help out where and when I can!

Thank you.

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