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Darcy Casselman dscassel at
Wed Jun 8 04:15:59 UTC 2011

Hi Raymond,

The Workspace Switcher switches between virtual desktops.  They've
always been there, but Unity makes them a bit more prominent in the UI
in Natty.

I never used them much before Natty, but with Unity, I'm finding I use
them all the time.  Mostly because I like to keep most windows
maximized.  Right now, I have my browser maximized in the first
worlkspace in the top left.  To the right (ctrl-alt-right arrow), I
have Gwibber and a terminal window running an IRC client.  Below that
(ctrl-alt-down) I have audacity for editing a podcast thing I'm
working on.  To the left (ctrl-alt-left), there's my music player.

If I need to open up a new terminal, I'll tap the Super key and type
"term" and hit enter.  That's enough to run a terminal. Then I'll
"throw" the window to the right workspace with ctrl-alt-shift-right

I don't really use the actual "workspace switcher" button in the
launcher bar much.  I just kind of remember where I've put things. Or
use the button for an application I've lost track of.  Hitting the
Firefox button will automatically take me to the workspace that has
Firefox running.

Like I mentioned early, I'm really liking Unity. :)  Even with the
occasional crashes.

If you're interested in more, Jorge Castro talks a bit about
workspaces and how he does multitasking stuff in this video:


On Tue, Jun 7, 2011 at 9:31 AM, raymond house <raymondh40 at> wrote:
> That sound good Eric and I could use that but how do you do it?
> On Tue, Jun 7, 2011 at 9:25 AM, Eric <1ballistic1 at> wrote:
>> forgot the actual term for it, but they're "virtual"
>> desktops....basically a good place to send something thats working in
>> the background and that youwant out of the way, but still want running
>> (BOINC and Folding and it's ilk come to mind)
>> On Tue, Jun 7, 2011 at 5:34 AM, raymond house <raymondh40 at>
>> wrote:
>> > Hi everyone, in Natty, what is the function of the " workspace switcher
>> > " on
>> > the left of the screen? for multiple monitors ? or dividing work between
>> > computers ? This may sound basic but I can't figure it out, I like
>> > Ubuntu in
>> > all of it's forms but I am only a "user", hence the weird questions.
>> > Many
>> > thanks.
>> >
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