Dell inspiron mini 10

David Croal ubuntu at
Thu Jun 2 15:57:39 UTC 2011

Sorry. I have one of those but I wimped out during the install. When I got
to the partitioning screen I did not feel confident about the options /
wording. I was hoping for, "It looks like you have Windows on [blah1a] and
a previous version of Ubuntu on [blah2b]. This upgrade will magically
guess what you  want". ;-)

Since then I have installed it on a couple of other boxes so I should go
back and try again. The note I was expecting did come up during other
upgrades. I'm not sure what I did differently.

On 11-06-02 10:43 AM, raymond house wrote:
> Hi all, I am looking for comments, impressions on the Dell Mini 10
> notebook using natty or 10.10. Thanks

David Croal of the DIYode makerspace in Guelph

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