Natty on new HP 620

Ralph Pichie thevillagegeek at
Sat Apr 30 19:18:34 UTC 2011

The first try at the dual boot with Windows 7 failed, perhaps because
of an old/small USB stick that I was using to do the installation.
That has never happened to me before.

Everything on the new laptop seemed to work just fine with the USB
version at the store, but there were problems when I got it home. Even
with a bigger USB drive, which fixed the installation problem, there
seem to be issues with the display.
The resolution would be fine one time, then wrong the next, with only
part of the widescreen display being used.
With no other monitor plugged in, two monitors were sometimes indicated.
Occasionally the panels and login interface would not appear,
especially when running from the USB.
Last night, after starting a session in failsafe mode to troubleshoot
the graphics, I got a message say that I did not have the hardware to
support Unity, though that interface had run smoothly before. I opted
for 'Classic Ubuntu', which is running now.
Today, while scanning my Windows partition for virus signatures, the
display went black for a moment before the contents reappeared.

Other than that, so far so good. Any ideas on the monitory situation?

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