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Kenneth Hawkins kjurkic at yahoo.ca
Fri Apr 29 15:19:19 UTC 2011

FWIW I am a HUGE Ubuntu fan. It has been my distro of choice at work for servers & desktops, on my personal PC's and on family computers.

(other shoe drops) BUT

I may be just a stick-in-the-mud - I think its a solution in search of a problem. IMHO Unity works great for netbooks with limited screen space; not my preference for larger displays. While current Gnome has a few warts, I find it eminently usable as-is. I have made several attempts but have not been able to warm to KDE, especially the menu/submenu layout. I know all is customizable, but that is yet another investment of time/effort - can't be bothered to go that deep.

I cannot help comparing the forced Unity default to Windows 2K,XP,Vista,& 7 - under the hood, no significant functional changes, but mess up a GUI, rename functions, and hide shit so you can keep the re-training/bling update cash machine flowing. 

As far as my workplace PC goes, I will be staying with 10.04LTS for as long as possible (...when the pry it from my cold, dead hands, etc) - "It Just Works! TM".

As for re-defining the UI, 100% agree - everything is in flux, as Android & iPhone duke it out they will create a "UI comfort zone" for users who merely want to do X, Y, and Z, and don't really care what goes on under the hood. I know many older folks who rarely touch a computer, but are all over customizing their iPhone, or loading their Android with aftermarket apps. Microsoft understood this very well as they pushed for desktop dominance years ago. Same with Apple in the early daze.


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Hi everyone,

I just want to find out what everyone's impression of the new Ubuntu with Unity etc.

I installed fresh, just so that I can get the full experience of it. So far, I like it. It changes the way I normally associate with old menu, launchers, panels, etc. I also noticed that the Help material is a lot more user friendly.

A minor negative is that I find that the system at times lag in responding to input, especially mouse or touchpad.

I don't follow much of the r&d development in detail, but does everyone feel that right now the OS developers (Linux, Apple, Microsoft, etc.) are trying to redefine the next standard UI for the next decade? 


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