Updates crashed 3 Edubuntu desktop

bergfly bergfly at gmail.com
Sat Apr 2 21:44:50 UTC 2011

Most bios will post a insert system disk type message if a drive fails
so I would rule that out. Did you used to see a grub menu. If so start
with a grub repair. On single OS linux boxes you don't always see
grub, in which case X has dropped the ball. My experience says this is
the most likely. Does ctrl alt F2 produce anything

On 4/2/11, Leigh Honeywell <leigh at hypatia.ca> wrote:
> On 11-04-02 08:23 AM, Chris wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Yesterday I was _updating_ 3 _Edubuntu_ desktops when I
>> allowed_restart_, I saw the bios then the flashing cursor then nothing.
>> No HDD activity light, I guess you could call it the _Black Screen Of
>> Death_.
>> Waited 10 minutes.
>> Tried hard restart twice.
>> *Anyone else had this problem?*
> That sounds like a couple of harddrive failures... while it's unlikely
> that they'd all fail at the same time, it's not unheard of.
> Can you boot any of the computers off a USB stick or CD drive and mount
> the internal hard drive to confirm it's not dead?
> -Leigh
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