Techies getting involved in the federal election.

Vaughn Male keino_9 at
Fri Apr 1 16:45:29 UTC 2011

On 11-04-01 07:48 AM, Russell McOrmond wrote:
>    I don't wish to post an off-topic message about the election (Unless
> the community asks me to :-), but wanted to point out some places
> where such discussion would be on-topic.  There are some LUG
> discussions happening in key ridings, but the following are (otherwise
> quiet) Canada-wide forums where such things are welcomed and
> encouraged.
>    See the March archives for messages that can spark discussion.
>    I'm watching a few electoral districts closely such as
> Kitchener-Waterloo where the tech
> community may have had a large influence in the previous election, and
> may again this election.   I would love to hear more from across
> Canada, and post answers from candidates on technology issues.
>    Thank you, and please get involved!  Only if we speak out will our
> rights and interests be protected by the government.

Well I'm not too sure about Ontario, but in Edmonton the pirate party is 
trying to get into the election for Edmonton center. Right now we really 
need canvassers so if you're interested go to:

Also, our leader's site is:

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