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Hi Hugh,

If you are looking for a desktop, building it yourself is something that I would recommend as you have the freedom to pick and choose the components that you like. Also, depending on what you have in the HP desktop, you maybe able to salvage a few components, e.g. hard drive, etc. It is something that I would do anyway, the next time I need a new desktop. I built one about 7 years ago and it has been working great with Ubuntu.

In term of laptop, I do not know much about building one for yourself.

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>I should clarify, what I am looking for. A tour of the local computer
>inquiring about a new computer totally compatible with a Linux
>distribution installed, ie; Ubuntu or Mint  drew a lot of umms and
>can't dos.
>I have a HP desktop with Vista on it, that causes problems constantly,
>and an old very finicky Toshiba laptop with Ubuntu 10.04, that just
>seems to die shortly after start up, then reboots OK then dies again.
>Am now thinking about a new computer, and do not want one with any
>version of Windows on it.I just refuse to pay anymore for an inferior
>product or in any way support it. I figure that if I am going to have
>a problem with an OS, I may as well go with one that at least is well
>supported through forums and formats like this, where answers always
>seem available almost immediately.
>I am not enthusiastic about going to anywhere like a box store to get
>a new computer to just have them or me uninstall a Windows version,
>and still in a sense support Microsoft.
>My new computer would probably be in the 500 -600 range, Laptop or
>Desktop is still undecided. And if I can not find anyone in the area
>to build one and set it up at the beginning for me, I just take the
>advice and try building a system myself with the hardware that supprts
>Linux  Thank you all that have responded.
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