Ubuntu 10.04

Jose jtc at totaltravelmarketing.com
Fri Sep 24 13:08:19 UTC 2010


Not wanting to offend the hardcore guys, how is that one every single 
occasion I have installed ubuntu on any edition, after the initial 
install, I get the bunch of updates and then something stops working

Just installed 10.04 on three decent desktops (as per older hardware), 
512 RAM, intel chip video, integrated network on board, Celeron 
machines, first install, no problem has described above, once I get the 
updates, something craps out, gnome no longer displays correctly or 
network just stops working or grubs doesn't even show up when booting up 
or apt-get can retrieve any data or the machine is uncapable of a proper 
shutdown because of getting stuck on the network manager during the 
shutdown sequence, these are the things that come form the top of my 
head right now

On the other hand, I've installed Suse or Fedora or Centos, same 
hardware, same scenario, no problem whatsoever, the motto of "just 
works" has never applied to my case at least when using ubuntu

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