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> Subject: Desk vs Laptop
> I am confused in this days of pc architecture. What is the best pc to
> make a long term use of open source? I have been using a HP lap for
> three years and seems that my original windows setup disk is the only
> means to make effective use of this pavilion. I have been switching
> hard drives for ubuntu and windows  but now wants to stay with open
> source. Just found that my original windows setup disk is the only way
> for optimum use as per HP teach. Iam however confused whether to buy a
> new laptop or desktop. Any advice? The confusion is that even desktop
> architecture gone and wis going through many changes today - what's
> the best bet forward with an uncertain economic future?

Adding some focused advice about Ubuntu (since this is an Ubuntu list ;)...

The complete list of Ubuntu Certified hardware is here:
That should be your first stop.

And, System76 is an Ubuntu systems vendor that sells
desktops/notebooks/netbooks with Ubuntu fully installed, tested and
supported. I recommend them as a customer and also because they are
committed to Ubuntu, and not treating it as a sideline.

Hope that helps!

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