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Really it comes down to preference. I personally in this day and age would buy a strong desktop, and a netbook, for travel. Netbooks and laptops have "Linlap" A wiki site that tells you what laptops work best with what distros. 
If you need a linux build, i can send you a parts list for a PC, that should  work for linux.  Laptop wise, again i refer you to linlap.

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> I think it depends more on who makes the hardware than whether it's a
> desktop or laptop. I know that some component manufacturers are better
> supported than others, so with a desktop you've got the opportunity to
> build or pick a system that uses the most linux-compatible parts, but
> with a laptop you have the advantage of being able to find one that's
> been built with open compatibility in mind, or at least is
> well-supported.
> So I'd make your decision based on what kind of portability you want,
> and then look carefully into which selection you make.
> On Sat, Nov 20, 2010 at 8:41 PM, Pay Wahun <paywahun at> wrote:
> > I am confused in this days of pc architecture. What is the best pc to
> > make a long term use of open source? I have been using a HP lap for
> > three years and seems that my original windows setup disk is the only
> > means to make effective use of this pavilion. I have been switching
> > hard drives for ubuntu and windows  but now wants to stay with open
> > source. Just found that my original windows setup disk is the only way
> > for optimum use as per HP teach. Iam however confused whether to buy a
> > new laptop or desktop. Any advice? The confusion is that even desktop
> > architecture gone and wis going through many changes today - what's
> > the best bet forward with an uncertain economic future?
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