Adam B. adamboonstra at
Mon Nov 8 13:45:43 UTC 2010

Is there a IE extension for Chrome in Linux?  I know there is one for 
Chrome in windows, it solved my active-x problems with chrome.  Maybe it 
would work in linux too?

On 11/8/2010 8:35 AM, Eugene Cormier wrote:
> Ray, I love netflix (I use it on my PS3 everyday) and have exhausted
> just about every possiblity of getting it to run "in" just
> won't work....I have tried every configuration with
> wine+silverlight+activex, firefox+moonlight etc....
> The only way to currently run it on linux is to install windows in an
> emulator (like VirtualBox) which is not a pretty solution....right now
> it's not a matter of Linux being able to support it....the Netflix
> developers cannot legally (because of DRM) or will not support Linux
> see the following link:
> Cheers
> Eugene
> On 10-11-08 06:25 AM, raymond house wrote:
>> Good morn, all. It,s the guy with questions again,  this is for the
>> expert gals and guys out there.  I was recently asked if Ubuntu would
>> pay Netflix movies, ?  I have not tried it, but I checked their system
>> requirements and it says  Windows and Mac ! any clarifications would
>> be appreciated. This is line with Darcy,s last post on spreading the
>> good word on Ubuntu.    Thank you,   Ray          P.S. I don,t need
>> Netflix I already have all kinds of channels coming in here, all
>> showing the same stuff !

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