ubuntu-ca.org needs help!

Mark Ueki Mina themarker0 at hotmail.com
Fri May 7 00:05:49 UTC 2010

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I did some reading, we can host ourselves, we just need a canadian based VPS. I put an idea forward on the IRC months ago to get corporate sponsors to help pay for one. This was back when there was no talking lol. Though here, i found a cheap Xen based VPS. https://www.sevenl.net/ 

We could get 128mb ram 10gb hdd and 50 bandwidth and webmin for 25 dollars a month. To pay we could either all donate, or better yet, go to a large company, (Tiger direct, Canada Computers) and at the footer add "Server proudly sponsored by XXXXXXXXXXX"

It could work.

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> George
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