Ubuntu 9.10 242 Meg Upgrades, and Grub Version 1.64 Beta 4...

Alfred alfred.s at nexicom.net
Thu Apr 29 01:07:05 UTC 2010


1)-Is there anyway I can do something in Ubuntu so that Upgrades that
have Beta's in them don't get loaded on my Machine? It cost much money
to keep a computer up to date with all the latest upgrades, and three
times now, on an upgrade, something really Bad Happened, when a Beta
Version of an Upgrade, Damaged my Software! Who needs Viruses and
Malware, when we get Beta's as upgrades. In a list of 200 Plus upgrades,
I don't have that much time to read down the list of things and then
un-check the offending software. I can't sit in a chair for long periods
of time, it's painful! 

2)-I have an Acer Revo R3610, Wubi worked wonderfully, in 29Gigs.
Windows 7 Worked very well, too. I was making a website. Using both
Serif WebPlus and Ubuntu WebSoftware. Dual Boot does not work very well
with Windows 7, because windows has some sort of software performance
manager in it, that looks at things like windows not starting a number
of times, when Ubuntu starts up, and then it wants to wipe the drive and
restore windows. So I opted for Wubi. I installed it, then un-installed
it then installed it again, and on un-install there were no problems
with Windows 7. It work very well.

What Grub Version 1.64 Beta 4, did, was wipe out the previous Grub
Boot-loader, not replacing it with something better, but with nothing!
So now Windows can't load and Ubuntu 9.10 can't load, even though it is
all there still, (Hopefully!). I am going to loose my client soon! It's
nice to make a bit of money on the side, when I have health problems
that don't allow me to have a regular Job. Windows 7 I might try to put
it all back in, or that can cost perhaps $150.00, if I have to get
someone to do that, more over-top of the very high cost of putting in
all the software and files in the first place. 

Acer Partitions the the drive into 3. The Windows Installer, Partition
1. The Recovery Software Partition 2. Windows 7 User Area Partition 3.
In that Third Partition is the Ubuntu 9.10 Partition. Has Grub Changed
since these Betas were made, is the Command Structure Different now, or
the same. Without the Boot-loader, it is hard to do a system restore. I
have very little in the few books, I have that deal with Grub, the
Original version of it. Just a few lines of code, is perhaps all it
needs to work again. Still I have no idea at all what code is required
because in Beginning Ubuntu Linux, Keir Thomas does not go in to the
kind of detail I'd need to get this fixed. 

3)-Is there something we can do, if this was decided at headquarters in
Britain, so we can Stop having Betas included as upgrades if Question
Number 1 does not have an Answer? It's getting so I don't trust Ubuntu
anymore! Upgrading to anything is too much of a Risk! 


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