Canadian Government Computers to be upgraded Go Ubuntu

J Jude jmjudeb at
Sun Apr 25 15:16:38 UTC 2010

I think the best strategy is to push for open standards, especially on
web applications.

In the future, corporate intranet applications will almost certainly
be web based, so most clerical staff will only require a web browser.
Public funds should not be spent on web applications that are not
based open standards, because that forces vendor lock-in on the client
workstations and corrupts the competition process.

When that begins to happen, it won't matter whether one is using
MSWindows, Ubuntu, or Chrome.  Small groups can choose whichever
client platform which is most cost-effective for their niche, and
still be able to use the corporate stuff.  Chrome based terminals for
the clerical, Linux for the scientists, and MSWindows for ...?  (Well,
maybe somebody will find a use for it.)

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