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Mike Leahy mgleahy at
Tue Apr 20 22:18:09 UTC 2010

Hey list,

I imagine a few of you have found mixed results when trying to access online 
video from canadian content providers.  So far, (and affiliated 
channels) provides a good selection of content that works very well.

CBC and Global TV used to be quite good too...but something in the latest 
versions of their online video players is broken in linux-based browsers.

I eventually found a workaround that someone posted in the Ubuntu forums.  
Basically, serve the attached php file from a web server, open it in a web 
browser, and paste the ID of a video on CBC's website (that's usually at the 
end of the URL in a link to the video) into the input field and submit.  This 
works for live as well as on-demand videos.

Unfortunately, I have yet to come across a similar workaround for Global TV - 
I imagine it would involve a similar solution, but I don't quite have the time 
to really figure it all out.  The best I can due right now is view Global TV 
from windows versions of FireFox/Flash installed via wine...but that rules out 
fullscreen (trust me...don't try it).

Is there anyone out there with the expertise & inclination to figure this out?  
It would really be nice to actually be able to watch Global TV's content 
without having to mess around with rebooting or running apps in wine.  Here's 
the direct link to their video page:

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