Ati? Ubuntu

Lakhveer Jajj lakhveer_ubuntu at
Wed Apr 14 02:59:50 UTC 2010

Hi Everyone,
I have a ongoing puzzle that I've been trying to put together with my 
Ati X850 card and my Ubuntu 9.10 system.
What I know is that there are 3 different drivers I can use for my card.
1)The Ati driver from the ATI website for linux
2)The standard driver that comes with 9.10
3)Or get the fgrlx driver from Synaptic package manger or other package 

The one main problem I find is that ATI driver from the ATI website 
doesn't work. And the fgrlx driver that Ubuntu offers doesn't detect the 
the card. So im stuck with the standard driver which does the job but 
doesn't give me 3D or more performance which I know my card can do.

And yes I've don alot of reading through other forums, websites, wikis 
and etc only to find people with the same problem.

If anyone could find my a solution or point me in the right direction to 
solve this puzzle that has been taunting me.


Lakhveer Jajj

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