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I have struggled with the no wifi and Bluetooth symptom before on some  
laptops and tablets. What I found I was successful with was to go into  
Winblows, enable wifi and Bluetooth, reboot, go into the BIOS, make  
sure they are enabled there, then go back into Ubuntu and all should  
work. Other thing to try if you have an external switch for these,  
turn the switch off, launch Ubuntu, then when it's fully loaded and  
stable, turn on the wifi and btooth switches one at a time after they  


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On 31-Mar-09, at 15:02, "Bob Jonkman" <bjonkman at sobac.com> wrote:

> gparted is great for working with Windows partitions too.  I'm using a
> live DVD from the March 2007 Linux Magazine (Issue 76), which includes
> a minimal gparted distribution. I boot from that whenever I need to
> work on Windows partitions.
> http://www.linux-magazine.com/issues/2007/76
> Doesn't look like the DVD .ISO is online, though...  Try:
> http://distrowatch.com/?newsid=05212
> Even further OT: I've been struggling with a laptop that just doesn't
> want WiFi and Bluetooth (and even ACPI) to work with various Linuces,
> so I've been creating, deleting and re-sizing partitions as I try to
> install different versions Linux.  I addition to the recovery
> partition and the Vista NTFS partition, I have partitions for /var,
> /home, /boot and / partitions for SUSE 11.0, Ubuntu Hardy, Puppy,
> Debian Lenny, and about to add Ubuntu Jaunty.  This drive is up to
> /dev/sda11 and counting.  Sadly, Windows Vista is the only OS that
> provides full functionality on this laptop (Toshiba Satellite P200D
> PSPBLC-01D08C).  Advice, suggestions and sympathies gratefully
> accepted.
> --Bob.
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> On 31 Mar 2009 at 15:26 Joel Goguen <jtgoguen at gmail.com> wrote
> about "Re: [OT]Please Help![...]"
>> Is that with Windows Vista?  I know that XP allowed editing
>> partitions, so long as Windows was installed on the primary master
>> (yes, my last Windows XP install was back in the IDE-only days...) it
>> would let me create and delete partitions to my heart's content.   
>> I've
>> avoided Windows Vista installs, all I know is that it's reportedly
>> prettier and faster than an XP install.
>> On 09-03-31 03:12 PM, Brent wrote:
>>> Of course your can try, but past painful experience has taught me
>>> that when Windows installs it wipes the drive. Note that during any
>>> Windows install there is no partition option given as is the case
>>> with a Linux install. It just blindly goes ahead and installs itself
>>> regardless of who you want it to play with. Brent
>>> Joel Goguen wrote:
>>>> Hold up, a full reinstall may not be necessary. Try reinstalling
>>>> GRUB as already suggested, a reinstall isn't needed if that
>>>> succeeds and finds your Ubuntu installation.
>>>> On 09-03-31 02:49 PM, Brent wrote:
>>>>> Typically, Windows takes over the entire hard drive when it
>>>>> installs so I believe you have lost your Ubuntu partition.
>>>>> Reinstall Ubuntu but say good bye to any data you may have had on
>>>>> that partition. Rinstallation will allow a new Linux partition and
>>>>> reloads grub for your , now. dual boot system.
>>>>> Brent
>>>>> Jentry Jibben wrote:
>>>>>> Quick question. i am not ture if this is the right channel to go
>>>>>> through, but what ever.
>>>>>> i have recently needed to reinstall windows on my computer. and
>>>>>> previously i had dual booting both ubuntu and windows. now my
>>>>>> loading screen is gone. and i cannot reach unbuntu!!!
>>>>>> Is there a hot key that i press when the start up is loading???
>>>>>> how do i get unbuntu back???
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