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Joel Goguen jtgoguen at gmail.com
Tue Mar 31 18:26:12 UTC 2009

Is that with Windows Vista?  I know that XP allowed editing partitions, 
so long as Windows was installed on the primary master (yes, my last 
Windows XP install was back in the IDE-only days...) it would let me 
create and delete partitions to my heart's content.  I've avoided 
Windows Vista installs, all I know is that it's reportedly prettier and 
faster than an XP install.

On 09-03-31 03:12 PM, Brent wrote:
> Of course your can try, but past painful experience has taught me that
> when Windows installs it wipes the drive. Note that during any Windows
> install there is no partition option given as is the case with a Linux
> install. It just blindly goes ahead and installs itself regardless of
> who you want it to play with.
> Brent
> Joel Goguen wrote:
>> Hold up, a full reinstall may not be necessary. Try reinstalling GRUB
>> as already suggested, a reinstall isn't needed if that succeeds and
>> finds your Ubuntu installation.
>> On 09-03-31 02:49 PM, Brent wrote:
>>> Typically, Windows takes over the entire hard drive when it installs so
>>> I believe you have lost your Ubuntu partition. Reinstall Ubuntu but say
>>> good bye to any data you may have had on that partition. Rinstallation
>>> will allow a new Linux partition and reloads grub for your , now. dual
>>> boot system.
>>> Brent
>>> Jentry Jibben wrote:
>>>> Quick question. i am not ture if this is the right channel to go
>>>> through, but what ever.
>>>> i have recently needed to reinstall windows on my computer. and
>>>> previously i had dual booting both ubuntu and windows. now my loading
>>>> screen is gone. and i cannot reach unbuntu!!!
>>>> Is there a hot key that i press when the start up is loading???
>>>> how do i get unbuntu back???

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