A web based live demo for Ubuntu

Darryl Moore darryl at moores.ca
Tue Mar 17 14:51:59 UTC 2009

What about a small linux based black box that they could hang on their
network. It could bridge nfs, tftp, and ssh to your network (via their
gateway and the internet) so that they could reboot any desktop on their
network, press F12 and netboot off of your server (on your network).
This would make it dead simple to test unbuntu as well as any other
network services you wanted to offer.

The drawback of course is that it would require the black box. But that
shouldn't be too difficult to make. The only part I'm not sure of is if
the box would have to also provide DHCP for the netbooting to work. If
so, then it might interfere with the local network.

I might consider building one and sharing the software with everyone if
you think it might work.

Leigh Honeywell wrote:
> Richard Seguin wrote:
>> Hey everyone,
>> As a result of hearing a lot of my friends complain about their 
>> experiences with Vista I have been pondering ways to make things easy 
>> for them when it comes to test driving Ubuntu.  Our live CD is 
>> absolutely amazing, it is not only useful but it is a great test drive 
>> experience.  What if we could make things a little MORE easier though, 
>> like provide a live demo of the desktop via the web.  I am thinking of 
>> something that can be accessed through a webpage (probably via a plugin) 
>> that allows the person to interact with the Ubuntu desktop without 
>> having to reboot their machine or burn something to a CD.   My first 
>> question is do we have anything like that already out there that is not 
>> commercial?  Also it is important that it is locally run, I want to 
>> customize it and tweak it.
>> Any ideas?
> Here's one, though it's not web-based: script the installer for Virtual 
> Box to boot into an Ubuntu VM.  It'll be a big download, but could be 
> really easy to set up.
> Alternatively, getting them to VNC into your machine as MCR suggests 
> should work too, and then you can hold their hand a bit more.
> -Leigh

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