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Victor Mendonça victorbrca at
Sat Mar 7 21:02:52 UTC 2009

Hi Brent,

  Thanks for the reply. This is pretty much of what I've been doing, but the problem is that I use OO on two of my laptops, at work and on a virtual machine. That's 4 times I have to add each of the words. Not to mention when I re-install Ubuntu every year or so...  :-/ 

  I would guess that more people have the same problem. I mean 'bootable' and 'filesystems' are not so uncommon words.

Victor Mendonça

From: Brent <brent-hughes at>
To: The Canadian Ubuntu Users Community <ubuntu-ca at>
Sent: Saturday, March 7, 2009 3:43:08 PM
Subject: Re: Technical Dictionary for OpenOffice

Hi Victor,

I write a lot in the field of Audio/Video and once bemoaned the fact OO
wouldn't know how to spell some of the words I used. However, after
months of using "Add Word to Dictionary" my problems went away. Of
course I had to be careful that the words I added were indeed spelled
correctly but now I have few if any issues.


Victor Mendonça wrote: 
Hello everyone,

  I was wondering if anyone knows if OpenOffice has a technical dictionary? Something that would recognize words like "mkfs" or "bootloader".


Victor Mendonça

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