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Kenneth Hawkins kjurkic at
Fri Mar 6 20:54:57 UTC 2009

Howdy all

Anyone here proficient in LDAP? I have been following a tutorial from, but it is wrong somewhere in the syntax, and I cannot find the error. When I contacted the person whose name was attached to the article, he said that all he had done was some minor edit; apparently  the last contributor gets listed as author. 

I have done many long jobs in linux over the years (net install debian
& built web servers from source, VM's back when QEMU was the
only game, etc) but I have never experienced such a lack of (useful) resources
for something which is supposed to be the killer app for enterprise user management.....I am really getting sick & tired of LDAP how-to's/tutorials that NEVER work as described. I have tried at least 6 different versions over the last few months, and NOT A SINGLE ONE works as the author claims. In a couple of cases, when I contacted them directly, I was basically told RTFM or man there some level of arrogance that comes with LDAP proficiency?

I have a very basic ubuntu 8.04 LTS server, with up-to-date openldap from repos. The sole purpose of this server is going to be Centralized login, and addressbook. 

Thanks in advance for any pointers, or even a link to an LDAP howto that actually works......

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