Rebuilding old hardware [was: Looking for new business oportunities]

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Sat Feb 28 00:40:34 UTC 2009

Hi If it is not going on the Internet, any older Linux Distro would do.
I bought Mandrake 8.1 and all the repositories on CD way back in those
days. It works very well on a PI and up. It installs in about 20
minutes. No Glitches with this Linux. 9 works and 10 also. Xbuntu and
Simply Mepis could work, on older systems.
Others that work are Linspire 5.0  and up. Dam Small Linux works but it
is a bit tricky to install, in Frugal mode. It's a 50 Meg Operating
System, works even on a 486, with not much memory, and makes it run
Zippy! Puppy Linux I have not used, but I hear it works good too!
Knoppix CDs can work, they run in Live mode, but can be installed too,
older versions of that, from around PI time. (all these older Distros
need the Repositories on CD to work well, because the Internet
Repositories probably don't exist any more.)

I thought GOS was an Ubuntu Derivative. 

I have some of these older CD's and might be able to make you a Copy. I
have a few others earlier versions of Suse, Centios, FC, Mandrake 9 and
10 with the repositories. (Provided it does not conflict with the
Licence Agreement)

I made a few older systems too, that ran OK, on Museum Computers.

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I'm rebuilding a couple of low-end PCs (PIII, less than 256Mb RAM), 
and looking for a distro slightly more advanced than Debian 2.1.

These boxes are network-enabled, but will  not be connected to the 
Internet. It sounds like GOS is dependent on  Cloud Computing; is GOS 
useful for non-Internet connected computers?  If not, what OS is 
recommended for low-powered obsolete hardware?


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>FWIW, I recently threw GOS onto an older PIII-600 Toshiba
>Portege I have, that just never dies. I had trouble with XP, even after I
>roto-root the septic sludge they force on us. I did not have high
>expectations, as the max RAM on this thing is only 384MB, and it has no
>special graphics chip. I confess that I was TOTALLY blown away! Every
>component worked by default, including every PCMCIA wireless card I have
>thrown at it so far. Best of is WAY FASTER than XP was on the
>same hardware in its DEFAULT config. Youtube worked without having to
>bitch-slap flash onto the machine, I can watch ripped videos if they are
>not too compressed, stream audio/MP3/ogg right out of the box. Now if they
>could just do somehting about the
> crappy default desktop theme........If you are rebuilding PC's for
> people, try GOS (its ubuntu based, so sources work)

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