Rebuilding old hardware [was: Looking for new business oportunities]

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Fri Feb 27 22:43:04 UTC 2009

Hi Bob,

You could install Xbuntu, it has graphics but uses a small memory print.
GOS should work.

Also you could use one of the NetPC OSs such as Linpus (small Fedora print)
I think I still have a copy of the version that came with my Acer.


Bob Jonkman wrote:
> I'm rebuilding a couple of low-end PCs (PIII, less than 256Mb RAM), 
> and looking for a distro slightly more advanced than Debian 2.1.
> These boxes are network-enabled, but will  not be connected to the 
> Internet. It sounds like GOS is dependent on  Cloud Computing; is GOS 
> useful for non-Internet connected computers?  If not, what OS is 
> recommended for low-powered obsolete hardware?
> --Bob.
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> On 23 Feb 2009 at 12:02 Kenneth Hawkins <ubuntu-ca at> 
> wrote about "Re: Looking for new business oportunities[...]"  
>> FWIW, I recently threw GOS onto an older PIII-600 Toshiba
>> Portege I have, that just never dies. I had trouble with XP, even after I
>> roto-root the septic sludge they force on us. I did not have high
>> expectations, as the max RAM on this thing is only 384MB, and it has no
>> special graphics chip. I confess that I was TOTALLY blown away! Every
>> component worked by default, including every PCMCIA wireless card I have
>> thrown at it so far. Best of is WAY FASTER than XP was on the
>> same hardware in its DEFAULT config. Youtube worked without having to
>> bitch-slap flash onto the machine, I can watch ripped videos if they are
>> not too compressed, stream audio/MP3/ogg right out of the box. Now if they
>> could just do somehting about the
>> crappy default desktop theme........If you are rebuilding PC's for
>> people, try GOS (its ubuntu based, so sources work)

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