reg dailup setting in 8.10

Alfred alfred.s at
Wed Feb 25 16:21:04 UTC 2009

Hi: I had this trouble too. You look up how to set-up wvdial in 8.10, on
an Ubuntu Wiki. There are other methods too , but wvdial worked very
well for me, and some of the others, get Complicated.

Then to get your Dial-up working you open up a terminal, and type in
sudo wvdial put your password in, then it will dial up your ISP and it
will work! After it connects you can close the Terminal with exit.

It took 3 months of trying them all, and wvdial works and is easiest to
set up!

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Subject: reg dailup setting in 8.10
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not able to set dail up 
please help me

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