Looking for new business oportunities

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That is how I learned to break free of M$
Thank you for the reminder.

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There is a middle ground that can be used here.

First off, run the servers on linux.

Second don't buy office etc -- use openoffice for windows.

Use firefox for browsing.

etc etc.

This gets them familiar with the apps, saves them the bulk of the license costs and only leaves them with the malware problems.   Since it is hard to buy a box without some form of windows on it, the OS itself doesn't cost too much (at least not in $'s), the main savings come in not buying the add-ons.

Once they are happy with the new tools, then you can start showing them shiny new linux desktops.


On Mon, Feb 23, 2009 at 2:41 PM, Darryl Moore <darryl at moores.ca> wrote:

Hey Leslie. Actually I think that non-profits should be prime targets in

this sort of venture. In a legit MS world they often are not able to

afford all the extra functionality they might otherwise get in a fully

functional MS network environment. In a non-legit MS world. they also

suffer from higher risks from malware due to poor or nonexistent

security updates.

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