Looking for new business oportunities

Robert Hodgins ehodgins at telusplanet.net
Mon Feb 23 19:38:20 UTC 2009

> I volunteer for a non-profit organization that gets by with donated
> (crappy) computers

WARNING: uh oh moment pending.

>  and illegal copies of M$ software.


> I'd love to convert them to FOSS, but I'm guilty of expecting them to
> be as willing to learn as I am

IANAL, but if you are a part of an organization using illegal stuff,
aren't you not perhaps guilty of something else, as well?

>  - and they simply don't have the time for that, let alone the
> interest. They might be able to buy some hardware of their own soon,
> and I know they're going with Windows if they do - damn, damn, damn! I
> hate to see them waste their scarce resources, and I just don't know
> how to help. So keep on talking, and maybe I'll get some ideas.

Here is an idea. Run away.

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