Installing 8.10 and the Glitches.

Alfred alfred.s at
Sat Feb 21 22:10:59 UTC 2009

Hi Getting 8.10 to run.
My Nvidia Driver series 173, still was not working, and I figured I
need several hours to work on it. So I just made an Appointment for the
block of time, in about 2 weeks from now, and just did not do anything
more with it, and it ran in Low Resolution mode. I kept on installing
with Dial-up using add/Remove, programs in the Sound and Video Folder.

Possible Fix for Nvidia Troubles in Ubuntu 8.10 32 bit. 

I downloaded Nvtv TV Out that controls the TV-out part of the Nvidia
Card, last night. I usually download all night long from about 11:30 PM
until 8:00 AM in the morning. So at the end of another 115 Files, I
just shut down the computer. When I turned the confuser back on about
10:30 AM it booted up without the Splash Screen, and on it's own fixed
all the problems with my Nvidia FX 5500 Video Card. In Restricted
Drivers, it says that now the Nvidia Driver is ACTIVE, and all the
screen savers are working again. The Instructions for fixing this
problem are very Complex, and I would have had to sort through about
1/2 an inch of Reading, to figure it all out. So perhaps when the
Nvidia Driver in 8.10 for your card, does not install properly, run it
in LOW RESOLUTION MODE, then install Nvtv TV Out, and when you re-boot
it all works! Presto! Quite possibly the Nvidia Driver Covers a part of
the TV-OUT, and when it is not there, then it stalls. So when you add
it then it does what it needs to do! This is before doing any
up-grades!! I figure 2 weeks of Downloads more and then start on the
Upgrades. About 260 Megs.


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