Installing 8.10 and the Glitches.

Alfred alfred.s at
Thu Feb 12 15:02:47 UTC 2009


After 3 months of trying to get Dial up working, that's working real
well, just using Wvdial, and using the correct figures. GPPP, and others
would not work.

I tried to put in the Nvidia Driver for a Geforce 5500 FX, the 173
drivers. This did not work! The Restricted Driver Manager, just would
not engage or download the right package. Then the Open Gl that was
set-up and Distro install got Damaged, so now there is no acceleration
at all. So I went to add/remove and downloaded the Nvidia 173 drivers
from there. In the Restricted Driver Manager it said, that I should run
nvidia-xconfig as root, and then restart X. I have no idea at all how to
do this. I looked at the File system to try to find nvidia-xconfig. Then
in terminal I did a cd to that directory. Then I gksudo
gedit /etc/x11r6/bin/nvidia-config that should get me to the config
file, but it is some script language I don't know. I don't know where
the error is, or if there is an error. When I rebooted, then in the boot
process, it came up with 3 errors, and said I needed to reconfigure
nvidia-xconfig, but I'm not sure what to do, so I picked the option of
using a low resolution screen setting. After some time the original
setting came back on, but there is no Open Gl happening. 

Does anyone know the work-around for this? Or if there is a Wiki for it,
or some URL that would be nice!



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