RFI by Government for FOSS

Stephen Kawamoto shkawamoto at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 10 11:15:03 UTC 2009

Include sample disk of Ubuntu 8.04 LTS (because it's the latest LTS).
Also include all GPLs.

re: IE7 - this is not free software i.e. it's not covered by a GPL-like license. It's an integral part of Windows i.e. the ActiveX engine that also runs Windows Explorer (the file manager).

the closest Linux analog is Konqueror, except the last warns us that it is not recommended to surf from a root account using Konqueror but Windows users do that ALL the time since the main user account on most Windows systems from XP up are Administrator accounts, usually without passwords for the primary installation,and when you do password protect that account, it's protected from user accounts with less than Administrator privileges i.e. almost secured.

therefore Linux is more secure than XP and faster than Vista on a machine with 512 GB ram and 80 GB HDD.

also video tape a 5-minute presentation and include it. NB: five minutes on mp4 should be about 2MB, and shouldn't take long to convert to ISO on a mini-CD.

also someone should tape Stallman when he speaks in Vancouer later this month since it's obvious the FOSS RFI was inspired by his speech in Ottawa last month.

The Prayer of the Surburban Saint

When I die I shall become 
a saint by listening to 
the Christ In Heaven. 
For when I'm reborn again, 
let it be as a person, 
so that I may help others 
become one with God.

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